Menu finalised for 4th May

The weather finally seems to be making an attempt at Spring and there has certainly been some rapid growth in the garden so hopefully the fresh, fabulous produce we are all waiting for will soon appear. I had hoped to be able to include asparagus on the menu but there is very little sign of it so far. If some does pop up over the next fortnight then I may well tweak the menu, but for now our greenery will come in the form of a vivid nettle and wild garlic soup which has become a favourite of mine and of which there is plenty! To follow, a rich crab tart based on a recipe that one of the chefs at Quaglinos gave me years ago when I worked there. I used to do a twelve hour shift on Fridays and Saturdays, starting at lunchtime and getting home early enough to pick up the next day’s papers as I drove through Camden. Often wrapped up in a piece of greaseproof paper in my bag would be a hastily (and cheekily..) grabbed slice of crab tart from the kitchen. I hope to recreate the flavours for you and memories for me, wonderfully crisp pastry and warm filling using the freshest crabs from West Whelks in Whitstable. The main course will be lamb, dainty cutlets with new potatoes and purple sprouting. To round it all off a rich chocolate pot and gorgeous chewy Amaretti biscuit an Ottolenghi favourite of mine.

I hope to see you there, booking will open on Sunday.