Horizontal rain, dahlias, jam making, blustery wind, berries and birds, a glut of tomatoes and the sound of shotguns over the woods. It must be autumn and much as I love the seasons and the variety it brings to menus, I am not a cold weather person.

So as autumn heralds winter I need something to look forward to. And so perhaps do you? Hopefully we can cheer each other up with the thought of the next supperclub at Macknade. The date is fixed and the menu will emerge over the next few weeks. For now pop 21st November in your diaries and I will keep you updated with what treats might be in store. As ever, do tell your friends and fellow food lovers and ask them to sign up to my email alerts so they too can book before it goes out to everyone.

In the meantime you can get some foodie fixes with the upcoming Faversham Food Festival from the 18th-20th September across the town. And following that it’s the Canterbury Food and Drink Festival from 25th-27th September in the Dane John Gardens. Neatly sandwiched in between, it is Meet the Suppliers week at Macknade – lots to taste and a great chance to meet and chat with the people who make all the yummy things we love to eat. So you can eat, drink and celebrate all that’s good from Faversham and the surrounding area for nearly ten days in a row! That sounds like a mood improver to me.

Raspberry Jam from the garden