Menu for 27th June – almost

One of the best bits of the supperclub for me is thinking about what to cook. Seeing what’s at its best in the markets, at the fishmonger, and seeing what the weather has in store. I love spending time trawling though books and magazines for inspiration too.

The weather this year is not helping at all, freezing northerly winds one day and baking hot southerly weather and thunderstorms the next. I am however an eternal optimist and so the menu I am pulling together will be summery, suited to hot days and warm (ish) evenings.

So far my thoughts include a Thai inspired beef salad, with lots of fresh herbs, lime and chilli. There’s an abundance of sorrel in my vegetable patch that’s calling out for a lovely piece of local fish – probably sea trout this time and hopefully some samphire from the marsh. The main course might well be based on the French classic of chicken and tarragon, or maybe some rabbit? Not quite fixed on that, but either way they’ll be accompanied by fresh peas and podded broad beans.

Lastly it would seem rude not to include strawberries, sat as I am in amongst acres of strawberry farms and having tasted an utterly delicious variety called ‘Driscolls Elizabeth’ at Open Farm Sunday last weekend at Langdon Manor Farm…..just need to find who stocks them. So I think a berry fool with a wonderful nutty cardamom and pistachio cake I made recently.

The menu will be fixed this weekend and then booking will open soon after.