Trying out the wood fired oven. YUM!

As I mentioned previously the emwilco supperclub is going on the road again at the end of September, this time to Margate. The menu will be entirely shaped by what I can cook in GB Pizza‘s ‘bijou’ kitchen and using their wood burning pizza oven. I went and had fun trying it out earlier this week so I can assure you it will be delicious.20130815-185307.jpg

We tried roasted peaches served with English air dried ham, mozzarella and rocket. Then a mixture of clams, mussels, prawns and scallops roasted with lemon and garlic which were seriously yummy, smokey and toothsome. Next I roasted a Moroccan spiced, boned leg of lamb with little waxy Anya potatoes tucked underneath and finally some lemony miniature lamb chops which took just four minutes in the fiercely hot oven, oh my they were good. It was such a treat and huge thanks to Rachel and Lisa who are the brilliant GB Pizza ladies. This is going to be a good one!Roast peach, buffalo mozzarella and English air-dried ham with rocket



Other than location, the other main difference will be that for each course a selection of dishes will be presented as sharing platters and there will definitely be plenty to keep non-meat eaters happy. As GB Pizza are a licensed venue this will not be a BYO event, they will be offering carafes of wine and their usual selection of beers for sale on the night. Booking however will be by the usual route and will open a fortnight before.