July’s supper – images






I live down a long lane with strawberry fields on either side and at this time of year and especially with such incredibly warm weather the air is filled with the scent of ripe berries. I plan the menus for my suppers about two or three weeks in advance of each event so I can be as sure as possible that I will be able to get wonderful local produce at the peak of its season. This weekend the pudding features gooseberries, which whilst less fragrant in the field have a wonderful and unique flavour when they have been gently stewed with a little sugar. But the strawberries are calling out to be used too. Lucky then that the next supperclub is only three weeks away and I will certainly be looking to use them.

So if you missed out on tickets for this weekend and fancy a meal that so far is built on the idea of strawberries, them make sure you keep Saturday 10th August free and keep an eye out for more details here.

Trying to match the seasons

I heard something that made me laugh today, something along the lines of not choosing what to wear today based on what you wore yesterday, such is the fickle nature of our summer. Yesterday I was roasting gently on No.2 court at Wimbledon (occasionally wandering out for some food and wishing it could be better….) Today I have shivered and put on a cardigan and had to shut the back door, which usually stays propped open from May to October.
So planning a menu which is designed to be seasonal and sourced locally can be quite a challenge, when who knows what the temperature will be in just over a fortnight when I pop-up again at Macknade for the 6th (or is it 7th?) emwilco supperclub.
Based on what I have seen lately and what I feel like eating around now, the first draft of the menu looks a bit like this:

Potted duck and toasted sourdough
Mussels with fennel and saffron, roasted new potatoes and ailiolli
Gooseberry and elderflower fool with rhubarb jelly
Selection of Kent cheeses, homemade oatcakes and chutney

It may change a little over the next week (especially if by the 20th we all need to wear our thermals…)and before booking opens on the 8th, so keep watching!