Good Food Guide – the result

I had an amazing time at the finalists’ day at Waitrose Cookery School.
Huge thanks to the team especially to Elizabeth Carter, William Sitwell, James Campbell and Rochelle Venables. It was a wonderful mix of treats and tests, such as these tomato lollipops
and with a glass of wine at 11.30 in the morning, followed by lunch and a chance to construct our own pudding, all very relaxing.
I met some great people, tasted extraordinary flavour concoctions and learned some new techniques which will certainly feature at the next supperclub.
And the result….?
Well it was all very ‘Masterchef’ as they made the ten of us line up and then called three names out to step forward. Mine was one of them which was an extraordinary feeling, but I was pipped to the post by Laura Lebeau aka @FSWlove for Twitter fans.

We all left with a great bag full of books and a very warm feeling….or was that just the wine?