March menu shaping up

It’s at this sort of time a few weeks before the supperclub that I have to try and narrow down my list of possibles into a coherent menu so that guests can see what they might be getting and start to get excited. March is tricky though with the ‘hungry gap’, familiar to people who buy their veg locally rather than cellophane wrapped from the supermarket and flown in from Israel, Kenya, Morocco….It really isn’t asparagus season yet despite the Valentine’s promotions in supermarkets all last week.

It takes imagination and a whole lot of willpower to look at the kale, swedes, parsnips or leeks yet again and decide that yes indeed you wouldn’t prefer a bundle of fine French beans tossed with butter, garlic and black pepper. But as you know, my supperclub ethos is to celebrate the best of what there is locally and seasonally and so I will persevere.

My long list so far includes:
Cullen skink
Savoury Pumpkin tart with hazelnuts and mustard greens
Orange curd tart
Steamed pudding
Chicken liver parfait with rhubarb pickle
Chocolate tarts with whisky caviar
Beetroot soup shots
Risotto, roasted squash and deep fried sage leaves
Spelt stuffed cabbage leaves with roasted tomato sauce
Honey pannacotta with star anise
Wild boar with polenta and kale
Pavlova with rhubarb, rose and pistachio
Cauliflower velouté with scallops or spiced roasted cauliflower
Wild boar ragu with pappardelle
Game pie
Panacotta with blood orange confit

As you can see I still need to work on editing….it is only a four course dinner, however choice is a good thing and I will work hard over the next week to hone it down and my family will be your guinea pigs.

It’s a tough life for some.

Good Food Guide – the result

I had an amazing time at the finalists’ day at Waitrose Cookery School.
Huge thanks to the team especially to Elizabeth Carter, William Sitwell, James Campbell and Rochelle Venables. It was a wonderful mix of treats and tests, such as these tomato lollipops
and with a glass of wine at 11.30 in the morning, followed by lunch and a chance to construct our own pudding, all very relaxing.
I met some great people, tasted extraordinary flavour concoctions and learned some new techniques which will certainly feature at the next supperclub.
And the result….?
Well it was all very ‘Masterchef’ as they made the ten of us line up and then called three names out to step forward. Mine was one of them which was an extraordinary feeling, but I was pipped to the post by Laura Lebeau aka @FSWlove for Twitter fans.

We all left with a great bag full of books and a very warm feeling….or was that just the wine?