Save the date, and thoughts on a November menu

Next supperclub is set to be on Saturday November 24th. Once again it will be in the wonderful café at Macknade Fine Foods in Faversham. The menu is still shaping up but there’s bound to be some game, probably pigeon or maybe partridge. I am thinking that a Scandi inspired selection of cured fish might be good – I do make a mean cured salmon…and perhaps an excuse for Aquavit?
Then it’s a question of whether to do a cheese course or not? I wanted to make the cheese but have left it too late for the Camembert-style but still (just) enough time to make a fresh cheese.
Pudding was going to be light and fruity but the weatherman says a chill is coming so how about individual sticky toffee puddings with an absurd amount of toffee sauce?
So, as ever there are still decisions to be made and testing to be done, but that’s half the fun!