Save the date, and thoughts on a November menu

Next supperclub is set to be on Saturday November 24th. Once again it will be in the wonderful café at Macknade Fine Foods in Faversham. The menu is still shaping up but there’s bound to be some game, probably pigeon or maybe partridge. I am thinking that a Scandi inspired selection of cured fish might be good – I do make a mean cured salmon…and perhaps an excuse for Aquavit?
Then it’s a question of whether to do a cheese course or not? I wanted to make the cheese but have left it too late for the Camembert-style but still (just) enough time to make a fresh cheese.
Pudding was going to be light and fruity but the weatherman says a chill is coming so how about individual sticky toffee puddings with an absurd amount of toffee sauce?
So, as ever there are still decisions to be made and testing to be done, but that’s half the fun!

All important feedback

I had some lovely emails and tweets after the last supperclub, here’s a selection. So if you have been wondering whether it’s your kind of thing then don’t just take my word for it…

“We are itching to get along to another one and we will bring some friends this time as well”

“….lovely fish and the flavour with the cockles was delicious.
I enjoyed the desert but my wife went nuts for it. She has said to me that it’s one of the best desserts she has ever had!”

“It was a great evening with food that was prepared and presented out of a passion for food and cooking . I write a great deal about service attention to detail giving clients or guests an experience to remember to talk about one that makes them want more. What you did and gave created for us all this and more . It’s something to be very proud of . We look forward to attending another one of your gastronomic evenings”

“We all really enjoyed our evening with you, the food was delicious and there was a lovely ambiance”

“Whilst the venue is great it is still the food that counts and I have to agree the pudding was fantastic, as was the main. It was great hearing the folk next to us asking about gurnard and where to get it, all part of the process!!”

“@emwilco We really enjoyed our 1st #emwilcosupperclub Looking forward to the next one!”

“@stefangates You missed a great supper club last night! @emwilco surpassed herself”