One week to go

This time next week I will be loading the car with all of the goodies for the diners at supperclub no.2.

As part of my (ahem) selfless ongoing research for brilliant local food and drink I loaded up my basket at Macknade today with a range of cheeses to taste and select for next week. One which I have seen often and never bought before is Ellie’s Goat, a wonderful fresh cheese, similar in consistency to the cheese I learnt to make at River Cottage and very mild – a goat’s cheese perhaps for people who don’t think they like it? I had hoped to make some cheese for next week but time has run away from me. Anyhow with such a lovely product made a couple of miles away it’s not at all necessary.

I discovered the Ellie’s Dairy blog where I then found that the Kelly’s goat which featured on the menu in May is made with their milk too – no wonder it’s so good!