Emwilco supperclub goes to the ‘Farm’

Starting the supper club is a first, tentative, step on what I hope will be an exciting journey towards more full-time food based employment. I have no fixed timetable and am happy for this journey to take a while. I was delighted then that before I had even delivered the first dinner, Rob aka “Farmhouse Cooks” and one of the founders of Lounge on the Farm, was in touch to ask if I wanted a spot at this year’s festival. With the proverb “Fortune Favours the brave” in mind I agreed and so here I am, two days away and starting to get a little nervous.

Having never cooked for an audience, let alone in a tent, in a field at a music festival, the key will be to keep things simple. I also want to keep true to the ’emwilco supperclub’ ethos of local and seasonal, whilst allowing the international influence to come through too.

Having chatted to Clare who is producing the ‘Kitchen’ tent, and considering what the other chefs will be doing, we agreed that it would  be good to focus on fish. The starter at the last supper club was a hit so that’s one dish sorted, Pan fried mackerel fillet with beetroot/horseradish ‘slaw and  a zingy sorrel salad. Next choice uses local fish but with spicy punch. Goan fish curry, steamed rice and chapatis – I love making these, the simplest of breads. There’s theatre in the final stage as you place them directly on an open flame and they puff up and blacken, all from a little wholemeal flour and water.

If you’re going to be at LOTF do pop in and say hello, I’m on at 2pm on Saturday.