Menu coming together – or is it? Choices, choices.

I thought I had fixed the menu in my head but today when I went out shopping there were so many yummy things that caught my eye; plump pigeon breasts, home-cured rollmops at Bluey’s, wonderful looking duck at Barkaways. So will it be rabbit terrine to start, or perhaps duck rillettes? On the other hand a warm pigeon salad has never been known to fail to please and how about a salad Liegoise with waxy new potatoes and slices of those great looking pickled herrings?

Excitingly the first of the cherries have appeared. There is a wonderful character “Terry”, who you can find just off the Whitstable road coming out of Faversham – there a signs which lead you into a field along a bumpy track, through an apple orchard and then deep into the shade of vast old cherry trees. Somewhere in the canopy, up one those wonderful ancient tapering ladders, you can often spy a man and a bucket and then at ground level, amongst the trees a small stall with “sound horn for attention” and “Terry’s Cherries”. At £2.50 per pound despite the terrible harvest this year, first the late frosts, then the wind and endless rain, this is a labour of love because it surely can’t be a money spinner!

So there will be cherries in there too for sure. I am thinking about a twist on the Spanish classic churros with hot chocolate so maybe they can sit alongside to cut through the richness.

Lots of choices and the main course to figure out, but you can be assured I will have fun tasting and testing for you.